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Thursday, 7 December 2017
Divani Caravel Hotel,
Athens, Greece

Speakers' presentations from Pricing & Reimbursement Conference

"Ο δρόμος προς την ανάπτυξη περνά από ένα σταθερό πλαίσιο τιμολόγησης & αποζημίωσης"

Pascal Apostolides, President, Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE)

Download the presentation locked (Zip 470 KB)

"Is value-based care in Europe here to stay? Healthcare reforms and Companies strategies"

Fabrizio Gianfrate, Professor of Health Economics, University of Rome

Download the presentation locked (Zip 2838 KB)

"Access to medicines in the EU: improving cooperation for the benefit of patients"

Dimitrios Florinis, Seconded National Expert, DG Sante

Download the presentation locked (Zip 1158 KB)

"From Pricing to Reimbursement: Navigating the Turkish Pathway"

Umit Dereli, Secretary General, Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFD) Representative

Download the presentation locked (Zip 6841 KB)

"European experience of pricing policies"

Mag. Peter Schneider MA, Austrian Public Health Institute, GOG

Download the presentation locked (Zip 2336 KB)

"Greek Pharmaceutical Market: Myths and reality"

Nikos Kostaras, General Manager, IMS Health

Download the presentation locked (Zip 310 KB)

"National Organization for Medicines: Pricing Legislation in Greece"

Vassiliki Koutrafouri, Pricing Department, National Organization for Medicines (EOF)

Download the presentation locked (Zip 1048 KB)

"Pricing & Reimbursement: dialogue on problems & solutions"

Olympios Papadimitriou, Vice-President SFEE & President of SFEE's Pricing Committee

Download the presentation locked (Zip 2920 KB)

"Pricing - ΠΕΦ"

Vasilios Pentafragkas, Executive Director, Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry (PEF)

Download the presentation locked (Zip 3626 KB)

"Pharmaceutical Pricing Policies in Europe: Challenges & Solutions"

Alexander Natz, Secretary General European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE)

Download the presentation locked (Zip 1355 KB)

"Reimbursement and access to therapy: value based healthcare"

Tina Tripsa, Healthcare Research Specialist

Download the presentation locked (Zip 8574 KB)

"Reimburse to avoid Burst"

Angela Vernadaki, Market Access & External Relations Director, Abbvie Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Download the presentation locked (Zip 7798 KB)

"Reimbursement, Negotiations & Cost-effectiveness in the spotligh"

Zefi Vostitsanou, Scientific and Government Affairs Director, SFEE

Download the presentation locked (Zip 2943 KB)

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